Post Rut Trophy Hunting.

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

It was a beautiful crisp mid winter June morning. Post rut hunting. The time of year when big red stags are out feeding up large trying to regain condition lost during the rut. On this particular morning we had returned to a valley where we had spotted a large 11 point red stag out feeding the evening before. The plan was to try and locate this stag again and put a stalk on him. For this hunt I was accompanied by Paul and Bert from Auckland, both experienced hunters eager to get onto some stags. As the sun came up over the Pacific Ocean we were in position, glassing hard through the binoculars to try and locate the stag. After an hour or so of this it was clear he must have made his way back to cover while still in the hours of darkness. Although we were not able to locate the stag we had set out for we had an enjoyable morning watching some dolphins out at sea and did spot another large stag in the distance appearing to carry 12 strong points. Due to where this stag was our best option was to head back to the truck and drive around to the bottom of the valley and hike up from the other side. As it was now 9am and we knew we were in for a big day we headed back to camp for a early brunch and coffee before heading back out. By 1 30pm we were positioned on a vantage point over looking the bowl the stag was last seen in but as Murphys law would have it the stag was not there. Half an hour passed before we picked him up again, he had moved slight way from us and was on a eucalyptus face about 250 yards away. Bert lined him up and patiently waited for a him to move into a gap in the trees. As if right on que the stag stepped onto a clearing facing side onto us and Bert was able to make a precise shot. Down he went. A royal 12 point red stag, what a great morning. After plenty of photos and while capping out the stag I mentioned to the guys that we might still have a chance of getting onto the 11 point stag on our way back to the ute. Well you wouldn't usually read about it but 1 hour later while lugging heavy packs of meat back to the ute we bumped right into Mr 11 point stag on his way out to feed. What ever happened had to happen quickly, Paul needed no hurrying. Quick as a flash he had his rifle to his shoulder and made a sound running shot on the stag. Success our plan had worked! 2 great stags in the one hunt.


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